Nervous Patient Services

We understand nervousness, we're human too.

But nerves needn't prevent you having the smile you want.

First Choice Dental Clinic has an excellent track record in helping nervous patients conquer their fears

You are reading the proof! This entire website is written by a [previously] very nervous patient. Following the initial consultation, sedation (more on that below) was needed before Aniko could get to work. But not any-more. A recent tooth extraction using just 'The Wand' (more on that below as well) was not a problem. And visits to the hygienist are now actively looked forward to.

New Patient Consultation £70

There's nothing to fear at this early stage, we simply talk, look, and take some pictures. This is the first step in the patient/dentist relationship.

So, after a sit down, a coffee, and a chat; we make a thorough check on the condition of of your teeth, gums, jaw and tongue. After that we take a digital x-ray to see what is going on inside your teeth. Once this is complete we can sit down and talk about your options.

Everything is done at your pace and you can stop at any time if you feel uncomfortable.

Regular Checkup £55

A regular checkup may only take 15 minutes but it allow us to catch any problems early. Don’t wait till something starts hurting - pain free dentistry is the name of the game! Problems caught early on are much easier to treat.


Sedation £ 450

For those that would rather not remember what happened.

These three tools can really help a nervous patient.

The Wand

Painless injections.
So effective you'll wonder if we've actually started.
If you don’t like needles then this is for you!

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CrystalAir Abrasion

So gentle you can carve an egg with it!
No noise, no heat, no smell.
A much nicer alternative to drilling away at the tooth.

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Digital X-rays

Available as regular 2D or state of the art 3D.
Ultra-safe due to the very low dose radiation.
Available on screen within a few seconds.

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